About Me

Hey! Iā€™m Bartek

and I am a beginner front-end developer. I create websites using html5, css3 and JavaScript. Besides, I have basic knowledge of c++ and python3. Coding is like an adventure for me and with all the experience I get, I don't really mind not being paid for that as long as it looks cool. To see what I'm working on go to the ā€œworkā€ section down below. I hope you'll like it!

Photo soon!

My Work

Guardian - stay safe!

Guardian is a JavaScript based bot for Discord. Interacting with bots on Discord is surely fun, but actually coding them takes it to another level! The main purpose of this bot is protecting the server, but I'm currently exploring new possibilities like exp or gambling extensions.

Using my bot can improve your understanding of how bots work and maybe get you to learn some new skills. Node.js Get it today and give it a go! It's quick and easy to set up!

Please note that only the Polish version is available.

PolBlock 2.0 is here

This is a project of a Minecraft server website I coded to test my ability to make a website with a shop or a voucher system. Even though I made popups and inputs, the shop never worked for some reason.

I really loved working on it, even if it didn`t work.

Please note that the site is only available in Polish.

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